Visual guide to natural pain relief

I was commissioned to create 12 illustrations by a firm on behalf of the Jacuzzi® brand. These illustrations were the attracting visual for a guide of their products. By gaining a better understanding of their clientele, I was able to illustrate personas with a bit of reality, fun, and flair! I especially admired this project considering their brand mission is primarily to improve the lives of their customers beyond the use of their product. Not to mention, it’s awesome illustrating for a brand that appreciates dog cameo’s as much as I do.
Art Direction: Cynthia Park // Design: Jessica Gil Williamson


Here’s the final product for each spot illustration accompanied by their corresponded descriptors. This illustrative collection’s goal was to
attract customers by demonstrating a more relatable setting, giving the incentive to consider the Jacuzzi® brands amazing products.


We went through a few sketch rounds before delivering the final product. Here’s a few that didn’t make the cut. Initially the direction headed towards a more
dramatized, animated version of the persona obstacles, but ultimately it was decided that we wanted the character to depict a more capable attitude in their daily routines.